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SunGlacial® Canine Biotics - Mood Subscription

SunGlacial® Canine Biotics - Mood Subscription

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60 g   |   30 Day Supply*

FREE Starter Kit & FREE Shipping- only with Subscriptions!

First time starter kit includes your first month of Canine Biotics & Our signature Airtight Canister in a gift box. Monthly Subscription refils come with the Canine Biotics refil pouch only.

This product normally ships within two business days.


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Mood Subscription
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$44.95every month until canceled

    SunGlacial® Canine Biotics - Mood is a dietary supplement that promotes a calm demeanor, relief of anxiety, and improved behavior for happy healthy dogs!


    Product Features:

    • Probiotics
    •  Prebiotics
    •  Lactobacillus LB
    •  Valerian root
    •  L-Theanine
    •  Microbiome Support
    • Contains LBiome™ Postbiotics for enhancing the gut-brain connection!

    Scoop & sprinkle over dog food. For best absorption, use at the morning feed time. To maintain quality and for ease of use, empty pouches into airtight container.


    <10lb: 1/2 g - 1/2 scoop

    10 to 25lb: 1 g - 1 scoop

    25 to 50lbs: 2 g - 2 scoops 

    50 to 75lbs: 3 g - 3 scoops

    >75lbs: 4 g - 4 scoops


    *One level scoop is about 1 g. Approximately 30 2g servings per container. Feed with the pet's complete and balanced food. Product is not intended to replace your dog's normal food but be a supplement to it.


    The SunGlacial® Product Guarantee:

    • Heart healthy nutrients
    • Natural ingredients
    • Made in USA with globally sourced ingredients


    All SunGlacial® Canine Biotics Product come with a 100% Purity & Satisfaction Guarantee- If your pet doesn’t like it, we’ll fix it!


    Product Benefits:

    • Anxiety  • Calming  • Separation Issues  • Behavior

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